Redcar Racecourse

Sports Drainage Installation

CLS Sports were appointed to improve the drainage on Redcar Racecourse after being recommended by Sports Turf Consultants TGMS for the competitive tender process.

The project involved the installation of lateral drains at 4m centres and sand slits to the racing surface. The existing turf was lifted on a daily basis, before the trenches and drainage pipes were installed. These sections were then backfilled with gravel before the top 250mm was backfilled with root zone and compacted by hand. The surface was then prepared for the reinstallation of the turf. Irrigation was then carried out on the evening to ensure the turf re-established.

Great care was taken to ensure the trenches were compacted correctly and the levels of the existing surface were restored. This was imperative due to the nature and use of the surface. Uneven levels of compaction would have been extremely dangerous for both the horses and jockeys.

The team at CLS achieved great results and the racecourse now drains very well. Since completion CLS have also revisited the club on numerous occasions to carry out maintenance and renovation work to the course.