Woodhouse Grove School

Woodhouse Grove School

3G Pitch Refurbishment

After Woodhouse Grove School’s 3G pitch was completely submerged due to localised flooding, they appointed CLS Sports as their contractor to carry out the refurbishment works. 

Woodhouse Grove School 3G Pitch Refurbishment

The severe flooding had completely lifted the synthetic turf, leaving it rippled and full of silt. The pitch base was also damaged along with several fencing panels. 

To bring the pitch back to the standards required, the damaged carpet was removed, the base and fencing repaired and the new carpet and infill installed. The pitch was refurbished to meet FIFA 2 star and World Rugby standards and is used by Bradford City AFC for training purposes. 

Key Facility Facts:

  • 6528m2
  • 60mm mono-filament synthetic turf
  • Insitu rubber shock pad installation
  • FIFA 2 Star accredited
  • World Rugby accredited
3G Pitch Refurbishment
3G Pitch Installation
3G Pitch refurbishment works
refurbishment works