Wiedenmann Terra Spike GXi 8 Verti Drain

The Wiedermann Terra Spike Aerator is perfect for deep aeration and the removal of compaction up to a depth of 10”.

It has a central tine and depth adjustment with integrated damping system meaning it can be altered to suit your requirements.

Whether you maintain a golf course or football field this machine is suited to your needs. Regular deep tining and deep aeration are important requirements for healthy root growth. After decompacting the ground, the roots can penetrate deeper into the soil and make better use of water and nutrients. This improves water flow and airflow in the soil, eliminating thatch and improving the strength of the grass.

This machine simplifies your turf maintenance and sets new standards in speed, productivity, and quality of work, saving up to 60% of the time you previously spent on maintenance.

Width2286 mm
Height1371.6 mm
Length1168.4 mm
Working Depth10 mm
Weight816 Kg
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