Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP8 210 Verti-Drain

The Wiedenmann Terra Spike is used to achieve deep aeration and remove compaction to a depth of up to 12”. It is predominantly operated on golf greens, fairways and sports pitches.

If high productivity and easy use are important criteria when selecting a machine to be used, the Terra Spike is the ideal implement.

The tine working depth and tine entry angle can be quickly and easily adjusted using the QuickSet which is the central, tool-free adjustment crank. This allows you to easily and quickly alter the working depth and angles, regardless of which tine length is mounted. The tine entry angle can be adjusted from 90° to 65°. The 3-speed gearbox also allows you to precisely set the desired hole spacing according to the respective driving speed.

The adjustment of both tine depth, entry angle and hole spacing means the optimal spiking intensity with regard to ground conditions and the extent of soil compaction can be achieved.

Weight1200 Kg
Working Depth400 mm
Working Width2100 mm
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