Our 3G Pitch Installation Project For Middlesbrough Football Club

birds eye view of MFC training ground

Here at Cleveland Land Services, we undertake a variety of 3G pitch projects, varying from schools through to professional sporting grounds. We’re renowned for carrying out high quality synthetic pitch installations. Last year, we had the pleasure of carrying out the 3G pitch construction for Middlesbrough Football Club at their training ground in Darlington. The project began in May 2019 and was completed in July 2019, involving the complete removal of the existing 3G turf, extension of the pitch and the installation of a brand new 3G surface.

Project Preparation

After liaising closely with the club to understand their requirements, we designed a new 3G pitch to meet FIFA’s accreditations. In our design, the build was constructed using a stone base with the installation of an insitu rubber shockpad and Lano MXSiTLT synthetic turf. We also incorporated a footpath, fencing and retaining wall into our design.

We knew the existing pitch required complete removal, as it had used for over 20 years and showed great deterioration. The pitch also needed to be extended and the initial profile regraded to ensure it met the FIFA guidelines and tolerances.

3G Project Construction

MFC training ground 3G pitch

Once we had removed the previous 3G pitch surface, we surveyed and made use of the existing drainage system that covered the previous pitch footprint. We then regraded the base of the existing 3G pitch construction, which was made up of a type 3 stone and brought the extended areas up to this level to incorporate the new pitch area. 

As artificial surfaces in this instance need to meet FIFA’s standards, we constructed the pitch on a dynamic base that is formed using a 30mm grit layer. This layer was installed using laser guided equipment for complete accuracy within the finest tolerances. An insitu rubber shockpad was then laid before the carpet and associated sand infill was installed. The use of the dynamic base, shockpad and synthetic turf  will provide the best playing characteristics for a football pitch, as it gives the right bounce and roll for footballs. 

To complete this project for MFC’s training ground, we erected fencing, constructed footways which link to the other networks on site and installed a spectator area. The new pitch layout also additionally provided a goal recessed storage facility so all equipment can be functionally stored.

Key Takeaways

From the outset, we adhered to the requirements of Middlesbrough Football Club and designed and constructed a fully functional 3G football pitch construction for the team to train on. Along with this, the team has a practical storage facility for all their sports equipment. The pitch meets FIFA Quality standards, making it suitable for training all year round due to the all-weather surface factors and playing characteristics.

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