What Is Hard and Soft Landscaping?

 Landscaping is the focal point of any exterior. From a manicured lawn to seasoned plants, fencing, footpath and paving, can improve the appeal of any interior or exterior. However, landscaping involves both hard and softscapes to create that ethereal architecture that you’ve been looking for. Thus, not using too much of one type and understanding the balance between both is key to a grand design.

Hard landscaping

Simply put, the difference between hard and soft landscaping is how you read it. The perfect landscaped interior or exterior will include a mix of both. Hard landscaping often involves bricks, concrete, gravel and so on whilst soft landscaping entails grass, shrubs, flowers and other living things that are able to grow.

Hardscaping is often described as man-made architecture, such as pathways and retaining walls. This type of landscape is constructed to complement current features, which are generally designed to retain parts of the interior or exterior. Not only does hardscaping give you something to build upon, but it can also be used to solve drainage issues as systems can be incorporated to divert water away from potential flooding.

Soft landscaping

On the other hand, soft landscaping, which is also known as softscaping makes way for natural beauty, which hardscaping is unable to provide. The living horticultural aspects of softscaping include plantings, soil and other things that can also complement hardscapes such as attenuation ponds.  The soft landscaping element of a project can have many people confused by how to decide what they want in their entire landscape. This is why landscape designing professionals are important as softscaping isn’t as simple as planting flowers and watching them bloom.

Balancing hard and soft landscaping

Seeking a balance between both hard and soft landscaping is vital for an array of reasons, which should also be considered during the landscape design phase. One without the other can actually make a landscape appear incomplete and will not perform as well as if both were balanced. Here at Cleveland Land Services, our expert landscaping teams can provide you with bespoke designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing

As mentioned above, water can help to balance hard materials with softer landscapes and can also help with attenuation to deliver a sustainable drainage system.

To date, we have delivered landscape projects at Southfield Road, Yarm School and Kirkleatham Crematorium, all of which boast a great balance of hard and soft landscaping. Thus, if you’re seeking to make a dramatic difference to your landscape, we’re here to help bring your project to life. Contact us at Cleveland Land Services today to get started on your project.

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