CLS Sports double the drainage with a Campey Top-Drain 1000

We have recently added an Imants (KORO®) TopDrain 1000 from Campey Turf Care Systems to our specialist natural turf fleet to meet increased customer demand.

For 15 years we have been at the forefront of sports turf contracting using our expertise and knowledge, in conjunction with the most innovative machines available. During that time drainage has, and will continue to be, one of the most vital aspects of sports turf maintenance. Keeping surfaces playable throughout the more challenging times of the season is paramount for any team or club.

Introducing a secondary drainage system that compliments existing primary drainage is an effective way to prevent fixtures being postponed. Water can drain quicker into the primary lateral drains, making surfaces more suitable for the demands of modern sport and increasingly wetter weather.

The TopDrain 1000 provides a complete one-pass surface drainage system. It is a unique multifunctional machine that trenches, removes spoil, injects sand and re-compacts all in one operation. Designed for sports fields and golf course fairways, the TopDrain 1000 benefits include; material and labour savings, faster processing times and less surface contamination than conventional methods.

This is the second TopDrain in our fleet and will further strengthen our natural turf renovations and maintenance service offering.

“Top draining is an option that’s been popular for some time and is continuing to grow,” Stephen Miller, CLS Contracts Director said. “It’s was specified on a number of schemes last year and it’s something that we recommend when we design projects internally, because it offers a high-level secondary drainage system.”

“So, the combined growth in demand and proven results is the reason why we have purchased a second machine. We have plenty of TopDrain work for our current, larger model, but also identified a requirement for the new smaller 1000 model.”

“Our new 1000 model trenches out at 250mm deep and 40mm wide and at one-meter centres, whereas our larger 1500 machine works at the same depth and width but at half meter centres.”

For further information about our Koro Top Drain 1000 or our Natural Sports Pitch Drainage Installation services please get in touch.

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